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The simplest model of jamming

The Simplest Model of Jamming. Authors: Silvio Franz and Giorgio Parisi. arXiv:1501.03397 Recommended with a commentary by Robijn Bruinsma, UCLA. |View Commentary| JCCM_APRIL_2015_01

Quantum Acid-Water

Electric Dipole Moments of Nanosolvated Acid Molecules in Water Clusters. Authors: Nicholas Guggemos, Petr Slavicek, and Vitaly V. Kresin. Phys. Rev. Lett. 114, 043401(2015) Recommended with a commentary by Marivi Fernandez-Serra, Stony Brook University. |View Commentary| JCCM_APRIL_2015_02

Many-body localization of cold 40K atoms

Observation of many-body localization of interacting fermions in a quasi-random optical lattice. Authors: Michael Schreiber, Sean S. Hodgman, Pranjal Bordia, Henrik P. Lu ?schen, Mark H. Fischer, Ronen Vosk, Ehud Altman, Ulrich Schneider, and Immanuel Bloch. arXiv:1501.05661 Recommended with a commentary by L. I. Glazman, Yale University. |View Commentary| JCCM_APRIL_2015_03

Topological quantum Lego

Imprint of topological degeneracy in quasi-one-dimensional fractional quantum Hall states. Authors: Eran Sagi, Yuval Oreg, Ady Stern, and Bertrand Halperin. arXiv:1502.01665 Recommended with a commentary by Anton Akhmerov, Delft University of Technology. |View Commentary| JCCM_MARCH_2015_01

Thermal Hall effect in a paramagnet

Thermal Hall conductivity in the frustrated pyrochlore magnet Tb2Ti2O7. Authors: Max Hirschberger, Jason W. Krizan, R. J. Cava, and N. P. Ong. arXiv:1502.02006(2015) Recommended with a commentary by Leon Balents, KITP, UCSB. |View Commentary| JCCM_MARCH_2015_02

Collective Dynamics of Dividing Chemotactic Cells

Collective Dynamics of Dividing Chemotactic Cells. Authors: Anatolij Gelimson and Ramin Golestanian. Phys.Rev.Lett. 114,028101(2015) Recommended with a commentary by Mehran Kardar, MIT. |View Commentary| JCCM_MARCH_2015_03

Pressure in an active fluid

Pressure and Phase Equilibria in Interacting Active Brownian Spheres. Authors: A. P. Solon, J. Stenhammar, R. Wittkowski, M. Kardar, Y. Kafri, M. E. Cates, J. Tailleur. arXiv:1412.5475 Recommended with a commentary by Aparna Baskaran, Brandeis University |View Commentary| JCCM_FEBRUARY_2015_01

Experimental Observation of Weyl Semimetals

1.Experimental observation of Weyl points. Authors: Ling Lu, Zhiyu Wang, Dexin Ye, Lixin Ran, Liang Fu, John D. Joannopoulos, Marin Soljacic. arXiv:1502.03438 2.Experimental realization of a topological Weyl semimetal phase with Fermi arc surface states in TaAs. Authors: S.Y. Xu, I. Belopolski, N. Alidoust, M. Neupane, C. Zhang, R. Sankar, S.M. Huang, C.C. Lee, G. […]

The Ironics: Strong Coupling or Weak Coupling in the Wonderland

1.Mott-Kondo Insulator Behavior in the Iron Oxychalcogenides. Authors: B. Freelon, Yu Hao Liu, Jeng-Lung Chen, L. Craco, M. S. Laad, S. Leoni, Jiaqi Chen, Li Tao, Hangdong Wang, R. Flauca, Z. Yamani, Minghu Fang, Chinglin Chang, J.H. Guo and Z. Hussain. arXiv:1501.00332 2.FeSe: a model system for Fe based superconductors. Authors: B. Büchner. KITP Program: […]

Wiring Up Topological Insulators

1.Time Reversal Invariant Topologically Insulating Circuits. Authors: Jia Ningyuan, Ariel Sommer, David Schuster, Jonathan Simon. arXiv:1309.0878 2.Topological properties of linear circuit lattices. Authors: Victor V. Albert, Leonid I. Glazman, Liang Jiang. arXiv:1410.1243 3.Spin-orbit-free Topological Insulators without Time-Reversal Symmetry Authors: A. Alexandradinata, Chen Fang, Matthew J. Gilbert, B. Andrei Bernevig. Phys.Rev.Lett. 113,116403(2014) Recommended with a commentary […]

Chromosome positioning from activity-based segregation

Chromosome positioning from activity-based segregation. Authors: N. Ganai, S. Sengupta and G. Menon. Nucleic Acid Research 42,4145(2014) Recommended with a commentary by Jean-François Joanny , ESPCI, Paris |View Commentary| JCCM_JANUARY_2015_02

Epitaxial interfaces between superconductors and semiconductors

1.Epitaxy of SemiconductorSuperconductor nanowires. Authors: P. Krogstrup, N. L. B. Ziino, W. Chang, S. M. Albrecht, M. H. Madsen, E. Johnson, J. Nygard, C. M. Marcus and T. S. Jespersen. arXiv:1411.6254 2.Hard Gap in Epitaxial Superconductor-Semiconductor Nanowires Authors: W. Chang, S. M. Albrecht, T. S. Jespersen, F. Kuemmeth, P. Krogstrup, J. Nygard, and C. M. […]

High Pressure Paving the Way?

Conventional superconductivity at 190 K at high pressures. Authors: A.P. Drozdov, M. I. Eremets, and I. A. Troyan. arXiv:1412.0460 Recommended with a commentary by Zachary Fisk, UC Irvine and J. D. Thompson, Los Alamos National Laboratory |View Commentary| JCCM_DECEMBER_2014_01

A First Glimpse at an Important Component of the Inner Cell Machinery

1. Stacked endoplasmic reticulum sheets are connected by helicoidal membrane motifs. Authors: M. Terasaki, T. Shemesh, N. Kasthuri, R. W. Klemm, R. Schalek, K. J. Hayworth, A. R. Hand, M. Yankova, G. Huber, J. W. Lichtman, T. A. Rapoport, and M. M. Kozlov. Cell 154, 285(2013) 2. Terasaki spiral ramps in the rough endoplasmic reticulum […]

Magnetism without local moments

Novel Itinerant Antiferromagnet TiAu. Authors: E. Svanidze, Jiakui K. Wang, T. Besara,L.Liu,Q. Huang,T. Siegrist, B. Frandsen,J. W. Lynn, Andriy H. Nevidomskyy, Monika Barbara Gamza, M. C. Aronson, Y. J. Uemura, and E. Morosan. arXiv:1409.0811 Recommended with a commentary by Andy Schofield, University of Birmingham, UK |View Commentary| JCCM_DECEMBER_2014_03

How to image an electron lattice

Composite fermions waltz to the tune of a Wigner crystal. Authors: Y. Liu, H. Deng, M. Shayegan, L.N. Pfeiffer, K.W. West, K.W. Baldwin. arXiv:1410.3435 Recommended with a commentary by Carlo Beenakker, Leiden University |View Commentary| JCCM_NOVEMBER_2014_01

Stabilizing colloidal crystals by leveraging void distributions

Stabilizing colloidal crystals by leveraging void distributions. Authors: Nathan A. Mahynski, Athanassios Z. Panagiotopoulos, Dong Meng, and Sanat K. Kumar. Nature Communications 5,4472(2014) Recommended with a commentary by Marjolein Dijkstra, Debye Institute for Nanomaterials Science, Utrecht University |View Commentary| JCCM_NOVEMBER_2014_02

Electron pairing on the edge?

Robust electron pairing in the integer quantum Hall effect regime. Authors: H.K. Choi, I. Sivan, A. Rosenblatt, M. Heiblum, V. Umansky, D. Mahalu. arXiv:1409.4427v1 Recommended with a commentary by Felix von Oppen, Freie Universita?t Berlin|View Commentary| JCCM_NOVEMBER_2014_03

Experimental realization of the topological Haldane model

Experimental realization of the topological Haldane model. Authors: G. Jotzu, M. Messer, R. Desbuquois, M. Lebrat, T. Uehlinger, D. Greif, and T. Esslinger. arXiv:1406.7874v1 Recommended with a commentary by Tin-Lun Ho, OSU |View Commentary| JCCM_OCTOBER_2014_01

Observation of Majorana fermions in ferromagnetic atomic chains on a superconductor.

Observation of Majorana fermions in ferromagnetic atomic chains on a superconductor. Authors: Stevan Nadj-Perge, Ilya K. Drozdov, Jian Li, Hua Chen, Sangjun Jeon, Jungpil Seo, Allan H. MacDonald, B. Andrei Bernevig, and Ali Yazdani Science 346, 602 (2014) Recommended with a commentary by Patrick Lee, MIT |View Commentary| JCCM_OCTOBER_2014_02