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Tipping the Weyl cone

August 30th, 2015

1.Quantum transport in Dirac materials: Signatures of tilted and anisotropic Dirac and Weyl cones.
Authors:M. Trescher, B. Sbierski, P.W. Brouwer, and E.J. Bergholtz.
Phys.Rev.B 91,115135(2015)

2.A new type of Weyl semimetals.
Authors:A A. Soluyanov, D. Gresch, Z. Wang, Q. Wu, M. Troyer, Z. Dai, and B.A. Bernevig.

Recommended with a commentary by Carlo Beenakker, Leiden University.
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Synthetic physics at the edge

August 30th, 2015

Observation of chiral edge states with neutral fermions in synthetic Hall ribbons.
Authors:M. Mancini, G. Pagano, G. Cappellini, L. Livi, M. Rider, J. Catani, C. Sias, P. Zoller, M. Inguscio,
M. Dalmonte and L. Fallani.

Recommended with a commentary by Thierry Giamarchi, DQMP, University of Geneva.
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Binding of realistically-shaped peptides to membrane curvature

August 30th, 2015

Anisotropic membrane curvature sensing by antibacterial peptides.
Authors:Jordi Gómez-Llobregat, Federico Elías-Wolff ,and Martin Lindén.

Recommended with a commentary by Peter Olmsted, Georgetown University.
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