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No Go Theorems in Interacting Fermions

1. Pomeranchuk instability and response beyond the quasiparticle regime. Authors: Egor I. Kiselev, Mathias S. Scheurer, Peter Wölfle, and Jörg Schmalian. arXiv:1611.01442 2.Conservation and persistence of spin currents and their relation to the Lieb-Schulz-Mattis twist operators. Authors: N. Bray-Ali and Z. Nussinov. Phys. Rev. B 80, 012401 (2009) Recommended with a commentary by Chandra Varma, […]

The hunt for the pairing glue in the cuprates

Quantitative determination of pairing interactions for high-temperature superconductivity in cuprates. Authors: Jin Mo Bok, Jong Ju Bae, Han-Yong Choi, Chandra M. Varma, Wentao Zhang, Junfeng He, Yuxiao Zhang, Li Yu, and X.J. Zhou. Science Advances, 2, E1501329, 2016 arXiv: 1601.02493 Recommended with a commentary by Andrey Chubukov, University of Minnesota. |View Commentary| JCCM_March_2016_01

The Ironics: Strong Coupling or Weak Coupling in the Wonderland

1.Mott-Kondo Insulator Behavior in the Iron Oxychalcogenides. Authors: B. Freelon, Yu Hao Liu, Jeng-Lung Chen, L. Craco, M. S. Laad, S. Leoni, Jiaqi Chen, Li Tao, Hangdong Wang, R. Flauca, Z. Yamani, Minghu Fang, Chinglin Chang, J.H. Guo and Z. Hussain. arXiv:1501.00332 2.FeSe: a model system for Fe based superconductors. Authors: B. Büchner. KITP Program: […]

Mott Physics, Mixed Valence and Oxygen valence Changes in the Modern Li-ion Batteries

High Performance Li2Ru1–yMnyO3 (0.2 ≤ y ≤ 0.8) Cathode Materials for Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Batteries: Their Understanding Authors: M. Sathiya, K. Ramesha, G. Rousse, D. Foix, D. Gonbeau, A. S. Prakash, M. L. Doublet, K. Hemalatha, and J.-M. Tarascon Chem. Mater. 25, 1121 (2013) Recommended with a commentary by Chandra Varma, University of California, Riverside |View […]

Phonon Drag in a layered Transition Metal Compound

1.Quantum oscillations and high carrier mobility in the delafossite PdCoO2. Authors:Clifford W. Hicks, Alexandra S. Gibbs, Andrew P. Mackenzie, Hiroshi Takatsu, Yoshiteru Maeno, and Edward A. Yelland. Phys. Rev. Lett. 109, 116401 (2012) Recommended with a Commentary by Chandra Varma, University of California, Riverside |View Commentary| JCCM_AUGUST_2013_03


1. Discovery of the First Topological Kondo Insulator: SmB6. Authors: S. Wolgast, C. Kurdak, K. Sun, J. W. Allen, D-J. Kim and Z. Fisk. 2. Robust Surface Hall Effect and Non-local Transport in SmB6: Indication for an ideal Topological Insulator. Authors: J. Botimer, D-J. Kim, S. Thomas, T. Grant, Z. Fisk and X. Jia. […]

Correlation Energy in the Unfamiliar Realm of Capacitors and Batteries

1. Non-mean- eld theory of anomalously large double-layer capacitance. Authors: M. S. Loth, Brian Skinner and B. I. Shklovskii, Phys. Rev. E 82, 016107 (2010). 2. Model of large volumetric capacitance in graphene supercapacitors based on ion clustering Authors: Brian Skinner, M. M. Fogler and B. I. Shklovskii, Phys. Rev. B 84, 235133 (2011) . Recommended […]

Electron-electron Interactions in Bilayer Graphene

1. Broken Symmetry States and Divergent Resistance in Suspended Bilayer Graphene Authors: Benjamin E. Feldman, Jens Martin, and, Amir Yacoby arXiv:0909.2883, Nature Physics 5, 889 (2009) 2. Local Compressibility Measurements of Correlated States in Suspended Bilayer Graphene Authors: Jens Martin, Benjamin E. Feldman, R. Thomas Weitz, Monica T. Allen, and Amir Yacoby arXiv:1009.2069, Phys. Rev. […]

What is the Model for Ferromagnetism in Itinerant Fermions?

1. Itinerant ferromagnetism in a Fermi gas with contact interaction: Magnetic properties in a dilute Hubbard model Authors: C-C. Chang, S. Zhang and D.M. Ceperley, arXiv: 1009.1409v1 2. Itinerant ferromagnetism of a repulsive atomic Fermi gas: a quantum Monte Carlo study Authors: S. Pilati, G. Bertaina, S. Giorgini, and M. Troyer, arXiv:1004.1169v1 Phys. Rev. Lett. […]

Singular Fermi-Liquids from Duality of Field Theories to Theories of Gravity

1. Emergent quantum criticality, Fermi surfaces, and AdS2. Authors: Thomas Faulkner, Hong Liu, John McGreevy, David Vegh arXiv:0907.2694; arXiv:0903.2477 2. Fermions and the AdS/CFT correspondence: quantum phase transitions and the emergent Fermi-liquid. Authors: Mihailo Cubrovic, Jan Zaanen, Koenraad Schalm. arXiv:0904.1993 Recommended with a Commentary by Elihu Abrahams, Rutgers, Andrew Cohen, Boston University and Chandra Varma, […]

Collective mode of Magnetization in Heavy Fermi Liquids

1) Evolution of the Kondo state of Y bRh2Si2 probed by high field ESR Authors: U. Schaufuß, V. Kataev, A. A. Zvyagin, B. Büchner, J. Sichelschmidt, J. Wykho , C. Krellner, C. Geibel, and F. Steglich., Phys. Rev. Lett. 102, 076405 (2009) 2) Electron spin resonance in Kondo systems Authors: Elihu Abrahams and Peter Wölfle […]

Mysterious Order for Spins on a Triangular Lattice

Unconventional spin freezing and fluctuations in the frustrated antiferromagnet NiGa2S4 Authors: D. E. MacLaughlin, Y. Nambu, S. Nakatsuji, R. H. Heffner, Lei Shu, O. O. Bernal and K. Ishida Spin disorder on a Triangular Lattice Authors: S. Nakatsuji, Y. Nambu, H. Tonomura, O. Sakai, S. Jonas, C. Broholm, H. Tsunetsugu, Y. Qiu, Y. Maeno […]

Clues to the Hidden Order Parameter in URu2Si2 through Inelastic Neutron Scattering Measurements

Authors: C.R. Wiebe, J.A. Janik, G.J. MacDougall, G.M. Luke, J.D. Garrett, H.D. Zhou, Y.-J. Jo, L. Balicas, Y. Qiu, J.R. D. Copley, Z. Yamani, and W.J. L. Buyers. http://Arxiv:0710.0896v2 Recommended and a Commentary by Chandra Varma, University of California, Riverside. | View Commentary (pdf) | JCCM_Jan08_03

Possible Quantum-liquid Metallic Phase of Hydrogen at high Pressures and its Properties

Authors: P. Loubeyre, F. Occelli and R. LeToullec Nature 416, 613 (2002) Authors: S. Bonev, E. Schwegler, T. Ogitsu and G. Galli Nature 431, 669 (2004) Authors: E.Babaev, A. Sudbo and N.W. Ashcroft; E.Smorgrav, E. Babaev, J. Smiseth and A. Sudbo; Nature 431, 665 (2004) Recommended and Commentary by Chandra Varma, UC […]

Organizers, Advisory Committee, and Correspondents in the last two years

Organizers: Alexander Grosberg New York University. C.M. Varma (Chief organizer) University of California, Riverside Advisory Committee: Robert Dynes, University of California Z. Fisk, University of California, Irvine Paul Ginsparg, Cornell University Robert Laughlin, Stanford University David Pines, University of California, Davis and ICAM, Chairperson Correspondents in the last two years: Anton Akhmerov, Delft University of […]

The Blue Fog State of Magnetization: Helical Spin Crystal in MnSi

Authors: B. Binz, A. Vishwanath and Vivek Aji Recommended and Commentary by Chandra Varma, University of California, Riverside. | View Commentary (pdf) | (JCCM_Apr06_02)

Rubber like Thermal Expansion, Elastic Constants and Compressibility in some Crystalline Solids

Authors: F. R. Drymiotis et al. Phys. Rev. Letters, vol. 93, 025502-1-4 (2004) Authors: C. Pantea et al. Recommended and Commentary by Chandra Varma, Bell laboratories and University of California, Riverside.  | View Commentary (pdf) | (JCCM_Sep05_03)

1. Spin-current and spin accumulation in 2d spin-orbit coupled systems with impurities / 2. Spin-Hall effect in a disordered 2D electron-system

1. Spin-current and spin accumulation in 2d spin-orbit coupled systems with impurities Authors: E.G. Mischenko, A. V. Shytov and B.I. Halperin 2. Spin-Hall effect in a disordered 2D electron-system Authors: R. Raimondi and P. Schwab Recommended and a Commentary by Alexander Punnoose, Bell labs and Chandra Varma, Bell labs and University of California, […]

High Resolution Study of Magnetic Ordering at Absolute Zero

Authors: M. Lee, A. Hussman, T.F. Rosenbaum and G. Aeppli Recommended and a Commentary by: Chandra Varma, University of California, Riverside and Bell laboratories. | View Commentary (pdf) | (JCCM_Feb04_03)

Some Remarkable Developments in Bose-Einstein condensation of Molecules

A.  “Bose-Einstein Condensation of Molecules” Authors: S. Jochim, M. Bartenstein, A. Altmeyer, G. Hendl, S. Riedl, C. Chin, J. Hecker Denschlag, R. Grimm B.  “A Molecular Bose-Einstein Condensate Emerges From a Fermi Sea” Authors: Markus Greiner, Cindy A. Regal, and Deborah S. Jin C.  “Observation of Bose-Einstein Condensation of Molecules” Authors: M.W. Zwierlein […]