10 Best Water Ionizer & Alkaline Water Machine Today

Water ionizers are gaining a lot of popularity since they provide the people with healthy alkaline ionized water. Moreover, this alkaline water machine offers superior hydration and restores the body’s pH balance, leading to a boost of the immune system and better health.

If you are considering buying an alkaline water machine for your own use, you should first read this buying guide to have a better grasp of the elements and components that make a good unit. This way, you’ll know exactly what to look for.

4 Things to Consider Before You Buy Water Ionizer Machine

1. Plate technology

The number of plates used in an ionizing water machine depends on the manufacturer and model. The plates are one of the most critical components of the ionization potential. Only by understanding the plate technology can you choose a unit that produces good quality ionized water.

When it comes to quality water ionizers, the plates are made from high-grade titanium, to which two layers of platinum are applied to make the electrical conductivity better. There are only two types of plates, flat or mesh.

Flat plates are smooth, and they don’t have any texture, only a titanium plate with a platinum coating.

In contrast, mesh plates are textured in several different ways, they are double coated with platinum, and they come in three basic designs, being “true” mesh, hybrid mesh, and slotted mesh.

2. Computerized Control System

All devices and appliances have a “brain,” and the ionizer’s “brain” is the computerized control system. Water ionizers have basic mechanical control systems to ensure that the commands of the user are being done by the device, allowing for filter life monitorization, multiple pH level selection, and giving the user the ability to customize the unit’s performance.

3. Filtration

All water ionizers have an internal filter designed to remove lead, chlorine, and many other contaminants from the water they are ionizing.

These filtration systems vary depending on the manufacturer and model. You should test your tap water to know what contaminants you are confronted with before buying the machine to ensure that its filter will handle decontaminating it efficiently.

4. Power

The key component to determining how effective a specific product will perform is the amount of power available for use during the ionization process.

Water ionizers generally range from 70-400 watts of power when they are at maximum performance levels. The water is “ionized” when a sufficient amount of electrical current is delivered to the water to cause its molecules to split, dividing into positive and negative ions.

You have to remember that the more electrical current gets delivered to the water, the greater the ionization potential is. Therefore you must pay careful attention to this aspect when buying the unit.

5 Best Alkaline Water Machine – Recommended by Most Users

Water ionizers in the price range of $3,000 are generally top-of-the-line units. The best alkaline water machines in this range come with eleven plates and have lots of power. You should also expect to get a lifetime warranty.

All machines that are recommended below meet all three of these criteria:

  1. They have eleven to thirteen plates
  2. They offer lots of power, and
  3. They come with lifetime warranties

Be careful when ordering under-counter machines. Some manufacturers use cheap plastic faucets that can break. The chrome plating also peels after a while on plastic faucets.

We recommend Tyent USA or Life Ionizers for under-counter units because their faucet is solid stainless steel. It won’t break or peel.

Buyer beware: Don’t be deceived. Some faucets look like stainless steel in their photos but are, in fact, cheap plastic. Make sure to ask before you buy!

Did you know? A small change in pH is actually a big change in alkalinity.

A change from a pH of 9 to a pH of 10 is a 1,000% increase in alkalinity!

A change from a pH of 9.5 to a pH of 9.6 is a 100% increase in alkalinity.

If you need acid-fighting alkalinity to tackle tough health challenges, pay attention to those pH level numbers!

1. Tyent USA ACE-13 / UCE-13 – $3,895

Tyent USA ACE-13/UCE-13 is a 13-plate ionizer machine hampered by high adjustable power and outstanding features. It costs similar with other 13-plate water ionizer machines but performs better with its Turbo and Molecular Hydrogen Boosts.

It can crank out up to 800 watts of power, which gives it the ability to ionize even the toughest tap water.

Tyent USA ACE-13/UCE-13 is the newest 13 plate machine-made that costs less than $4,000. It gives the highest pH and ORP levels of all the machines reviewed in this list, and it has the highest flow rate.

However, if your budget is under $3,500, go for the older model, which is Tyent ACE-11.
But you should not be worried about the budget, because anyone can always apply for financing with 0% interest during your purchase through its Tyent Financing’s feature. A benefit that no other brands can offer.

Tyent USA has dual internal filters, and custom-configured filtration is available in this machine. Another catch is the warranty; Tyent USA offers a lifetime warranty for parts and labor. Note that ionizer machine parts are expensive when there’s an issue with your machine. So a lifetime warranty offer is your best bet.

  • pH range: 1.7 – 12.5
  • ORP: Up to -1150
  • Filtration: Two internal filters
  • Warranty: Forever

Tyent USA’s filtration is the best in the industry. If the purity of your water is important to you, Tyent water ionizer is the way to go. You can’t get better filtration.

2. Life Ionizers MXL-11 $2,997 Counter-top

The Life Ionizers MXL-11 is a convertible ionizer. You can use it counter-top or under-counter with the addition of Life’s faucet kit. The MXL-11 is a powerful machine.

Tyent product has about 700 to 800 watts of power, and it’s convertible. That massive amount of power is combined with the MXL-11’s eleven large plates to give ideal pH and ORP levels and a high flow rate.

  • pH range: 2.0 – 11.5
  • ORP: Up to -800
  • Filtration: Custom with two internal filters
  • Warranty: Lifetime parts and labor

Like all Life Ionizers, the MXL-11 comes with a custom filtration system configured by Life Ionizers to target the toxins unique to your local water supply.

3. Life Ionizers MXL-13: $3,997

The second machine to make this list from Life Ionizers is the Life MXL-13. It’s a convertible ionizer, so you can purchase it as a counter-top unit and later convert it to under counter use with Life’s faucet kit if you choose to.

  • pH range: 2.0 – 11.8
  • ORP: Up to -880
  • Filtration: Custom with two internal filters
  • Warranty: Lifetime parts and labor

The MXL-11 comes with Life’s custom-configured filtration system, so you get the purest, cleanest water possible.

According to Life Ionizers, this machine was initially designed for doctors and clinics. It makes medical-grade ionized alkaline water for tackling the toughest health challenges.

4. Chanson Revolution $2,895

The Chanson Revolution sounds great on paper, but when you actually put it to the test, its performance is nowhere near what Chanson claims.

The company claims that the Revolution can reach a pH range of 1.8 to 12.1, but what they don’t tell you is that you have to add salt to the water to get there.

Chanson also misleads about the platinum coating on their plates. They call it a ‘nano’ coating, which when you look into it is an extremely thin coating of platinum, thinner than any other ionizer in this price bracket.

The problem with adding salt is that the water it makes is poisonous; you can’t drink it. Chanson boasts of having a Himalayan salt port, but adding Himalayan or any other kind of salt to your water ionizer is a terrible idea. When you electrolyze salt and water, it makes bleach.

Without salt, we could barely get the Revolution to reach a pH of 10. The problem with this machine is that it lacks power. It also has just a single filter, which is inadequate for removing the wide range of toxins found in tap water.

  • pH range: 5.7 – 10.1
  • ORP: Up to -485
  • Filtration: One internal filter
  • Warranty: 10 years parts and labor

Even the warranty is misleading: Chanson claims to have a “limited lifetime” warranty, but when you read the fine print, it says Chanson only expects the lifetime of their machine to be 10 years.

5. Alka Pime Nine Countertop $2,297, Undercounter $2,697

The Alka Prime 9 is the lowest cost ionizer in this review, but don’t let its low price fool you. This quality-built machine is packed with features that make it superior to many other more expensive ionizers.

The Alka Prime comes with custom-configured filtration and dual internal filters, a feature you normally see only in the best water ionizers. It has 229 watts of power and nine large plates, which gives it good pH and ORP performance.

Alka Prime makes a few compromises to offer a discount price. It has a limited lifetime warranty on parts and 10-year warranty on labor. It’s not convertible.

  • pH range: 4 – 11
  • ORP: Up to -600
  • Filtration: Custom configured with two internal filters
  • Warranty: Limited lifetime warranty on parts and 10 years labor

You have to decide whether you want a counter-top unit or an under-counter unit. But overall, this is an excellent machine at a bargain price.

Which Alkaline Water Machine Should You Buy?

The three machines in this water ionizer comparison that we recommend are: Life Ionizers MXL-9 and MXL-11, plus the Alka Prime Nine.

The MXL-11 is undoubtedly the best ionizer in the under $3,000 price range. If your budget is maxed at $3,000, and you want an under-counter ionizer, then go for the Life M9 under counter.

If your budget is tighter than $3,000, then go for the Alka Prime machine. Regardless of which machine you pick, you’ll get excellent filtration and a solid, well-built machine.

5 Best Water Ionizer Machine for Those with A Lower Budget

1. The Aqua-Ionizer Deluxe 7 ionizer

The Aqua-Ionizer Deluxe 7 Plate Alkaline water ionizer is equipped with modern electroplate technology.

With platinum-coated plates, the water ionizer is deemed to be very durable. Its robust body is also able to resist erosion and oxidation.

This water ionizer is capable of purifying up to 1,500 gallons of water. Its components are also FDA-approved.

The Aqua-Ionizer is a viral machine, and many online reviews attest to its smooth, no-nonsense performance.

2. Jupiter JP107

The Jupiter Science Venus JP107 is easy to operate thanks to its touch screen display. It can run on one cycle, amounting to just 10 seconds per 20 liters of water.

The JP107 is also very durable and even comes with a lifetime warranty. These advantages should appeal to homeowners who are not yet sold on water ionizers’ long-term viability.

The Jupiter ionizer is a good looking machine and would not look out of place even in the most modern kitchen, so, if you’re looking for a new ionizer, we think you should certainly consider the JP107.

3. NewCell Stream Water Machine

You can get alkaline ionized water in a few seconds with the NewCell Stream Water Ionizer and Alkaline Water Machine.

This impressive machine from NewCell, one of the more trusted companies when it comes to water ionizer products, is straightforward to use. It also has an integrated LCD that can guide you in operating this appliance.

Alkaline ionized water produced by this water ionizer makes tap water a lot safer for your consumption. Ionized water can also protect you against contaminants often found in tap water and even filtered water. Ionized water also rehydrates your body faster.

4. Alkalux 2507 Ionizer

One of the major concerns homeowners have with water ionizers is the price. Water ionizers can be very expensive, with many high-end models costing a great deal.

But the Alkalux 2507 is a very cheap alternative, aside from having features that can rival those of high-end models.

The Alkalux 2507 has a seven plate technology that enables it to clean and purify water effectively. It also has an LCD touch screen display making it more convenient for users to operate it.

And because it produces alkaline ionized water, the Alkalux 2507 can provide many health benefits to those who use it, like rehydration and prevention of severe health issues like osteoporosis and cancer.

5. Life Next Generation M11 Counter-top

Drinking tap water can be dangerous to your health. Buying distilled water all the time, meanwhile, can be very costly over the long run. So why don’t you invest in a water ionizer like the next generation M11 counter-top from Life Ionizers?

Although the Life Water Ionizer Next Generation M11 counter-top is quite expensive, it is a very practical investment.

Not only does it make water clean and better tasting, but it can also bring a lot of health benefits to you and your family. Ionized water can rehydrate your body and get rid of toxins that have accumulated over the years.

The Recommended Amount Alkaline Water

People sometimes ask about the amount of water that they should drink each day. Doctors recommend 6-8 glasses of water each day. What is important, though, is that the water is of high quality and optimal pH level. Even most bottled water being sold today has a high level of acidity.

Nutritionists, fitness experts, and doctors want to provide consumers with the best options for maintaining optimal hydration. The body, in fact, contains acid and alkaline balance. For instance, the blood must be approximately 7.365-7.45 in pH, while the saliva must have pH levels of 7-7.4.

The urine, in turn, must have a pH level of 6.9. Thus, depending on the type of food/drink and how much of it you consume, you will determine how much water you must take and what pH it must possess.

Americans consuming a standard diet are possibly more acidic than they should be. Thus, their best choice for a drink would be alkaline water. The amount that an individual will need to drink depends on their activity levels and the climate. Active folk living in areas with warmer climates require more water than individuals who live sedentary lives in areas with a moderate climate.

Keep in mind that thirst is not a great indicator of whether the body requires more water or not. Studies have shown that more than 70 percent of the North American populace is dehydrated and that this dehydration, in turn, affects overall health.

Several of these individuals drink bottled water, yet they still feel dehydrated. It seems that the body is actually not into acidic bottled water and tap water. Thus, it does not get absorbed by the body effectively.

The body makes use of 2-3 liters of water just to regulate metabolic procedures and digestion. Consumers have to change the water that the body gets rid of. Scientists have claimed that a 2 percent reduction in body water volume can result in weak digestion, constipation, muscle spasms, aching joints, headaches, confusion, and even short term memory loss.

Thus, the water you require for the best possible health is half of your body’s overall weight in ounces each day. If, for example, you weigh 120 pounds, you need 60 ounces of alkaline water, and if you weigh 180, you need 90 ounces and so forth.

Furthermore, suppose you work out or play sports. In that case, you need to add several more ounces of water every 15 minutes while doing your routines and for approximately an hour following your activity.

Doing this will prevent exhaustion and soreness. Your recovery period will be shorter if you follow proper hydration methods.