3 Best HCG Drops to Buy on the Market (Updated 2021)

HCG drops have become a revolution in the weight loss market for its unique formula and mode of administration. It’s a newly made formula which has shown remarkable activity against weight gain, which let you lose many pounds per week.

Putting on weight is much easier than losing it. We struggle every day to shed the excess amount of weight, but there are specific measures you have to take.

We are not only talking about adopting an ideal diet plan with a punctual exercise routine because that will make you lose only a little amount of weight in a given time.

Cutting the excess amount of weight becomes mandatory for obese people who are on the verge of getting severe health complications.

The most horrifying result of weight gain is the failure of the cardiovascular system, which basically consists of the heart. Due to the surplus quantity of fats in your arteries, not only your heart is safe but also some of the other vital organs of the body such as liver and kidneys.

Here we are not dealing with the bogus weight loss supplements you see every day. No we are not still stuck with phentermine or Garcinia.

Some of these supplements actually work, but while choosing amongst hundreds of different diet pills, you must be cautious in terms of the product’s safety.

Let us guide you to the actuality of the HCG drops and find the genuine brand since the market is saturated with massive counterfeit weight loss supplements.

Two Ways to Buy HCG Drops

There are two ways by which you can purchase HCG drops. You can buy several other types of HCG from the black market, but more chances are that you will get scammed.

1. Buy Via Prescription

After the doctor’s evaluation, you will be given the precise dose of hCG that may do the weight loss trick for you. The result, however, varies for different individuals.

2. Natural Alternatives

These are the homeopathic approach created by Samuel Hahnemann, founder of homeopathic medicine.

His designed process called Potentization is a way to create medicines with gentler effects and herbal elements. In this realm, HCG drops are most wanted and effective for use.

Either way, you can achieve a weight loss goal; the prescriptive approach is expensive and requires frequent visits to the doctor. The natural or homeopathic approach is safer, effective, and won’t cost you too much.

The 3 Best HCG Drops in 2021

Finding the right HCG drops online is not easy, especially when there are more counterfeit products than the original ones.

After reviewing too many HCG drops and supplements, we could only shortlist 3 best HCG brands that have been running since 2016 in the market.

1. HCG Warrior

HCG Warrior is the top-selling brand and is the most reviewed weight loss drops. This hCG is a product formulated by a company in the Canada that contain maximum numbers of metabolism-boosting ingredients. Altogether the elements provide mild benefits to the customers. If you want to get HCG drops with a real HCG hormone, this Warrior product is your best choice.

The fast-acting formula takes time to give the expected results, but it has impressive reviews from its customers.

You can see the customer reviews about HCG Warrior are mostly positive and shows us that there have been no reports of any adverse side effects.

After the FDA review about the product, some ingredients were eliminated from the formula, which made big marketplaces draw the product out of its retail stores.

So if you wish to purchase it, you need to find the right official source.

How does the product works?

It would be best if you took the right dose every day without giving a gap; your dietary intake should be between 500-1000, which increases the efficiency of the product.

Doing a little bit of workout is also beneficial as it helps the metabolism-boosting ability, which will shed 5 pounds of weight in 10 days.

2. Official HCG Diet Plan

The 2nd best HCG drops would be the Official HCG Diet Plan, which is a formula produced by Nato Supplements, Inc. On Amazon, the product was purchased by many people, and for that, it received half the rating.

The ingredients in the Official HCG Diet Plan are mostly similar to any homeopathic HCG drops. But the company’s claims tell us that they are the HCG mimicking agents that are natural.

Most of the ingredients in the product approved by the FDA. Therefore, you shouldn’t worry about the legitimacy of the formulation.

The product is available on their official website, and we must say that after seeing the record, you will really need to stick to the HCG protocol if you want to succeed in losing weight.

3. Complex Diet Drops

Complex Diet Drops was dropped from Amazon after multiple occurrences of getting a fake bottle, so now it is only available on their official page.

The maker of the Complex Diet Drops is the BioSource Lab, which supplies various forms of dietary supplements around the world.

Complex Diet Drops is a splendid combination of natural ingredients that are guaranteed as safe.

The company is also giving a 30-days money-back guarantee in which you can get a total refund price, only if you claim the product as ineffective.

Complex Diet Drops Ingredients

The formula of the Complex Diet Drops is devoid of synthetic elements that are considered harmful to human health. Instead, the formulation consists of the perfect natural ingredients which show remarkable effects in obese or overweight individuals.

Here is how the ingredients in Complex Diet Drops actually work.

  1. Panax quinquefolium – equipped your body with the never-ending amount of energy
  2. L-Carnitine – helps to boost the metabolism of the body, which allows more calories to burn
  3. L-Leucine and Arginine – protects the lean mass while losing the extra amount of fats inside
  4. Nat Phos Cell Salts and Mag Phos Cell Salts – manage pH balance in every single cell
  5. Fucus Vesiculosus with HCH content – targets the extra calories dwelling in the deep muscle layer

What Are the Side Effects of Complex Diet Drops?

Since the natural ingredients are present in HCG complex, you will get no chance to experience any form of side effects. On the other hand, the product is not approved by the FDA, which pour some negative thoughts.

As the answer, Complex Diet Drops claimed to have the ingredients which are 100% approved by the FDA.

Works of all the aforesaid experts concluded the top three above are the best choices for anyone looking to buy HCG drops as a weight loss aid.

It sits perfectly on every single criterion, which makes an ideal HCG drops for weight loss.

What Are HCG Drops?

HCG is the acronym for Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, which is basically a naturally occurring hormone in women.

The hormone is secreted explicitly during pregnancy to keep the fetus nourished and less prone to diseases. The synthetic version of HCG is used to treat low testosterone levels in men and infertility in women.

In 1954, a doctor from England, Sir Albert Simeons, claimed HCG as a weight loss aid.

According to his theory, the intake of HCG can stimulate the weight loss process if only:

  • The diet per day should be 500 calories or less
  • It is taken by the injection

Nowadays, you can find HCG in several forms, which are mainly drops, sprays, and pellets.

However, the HCG drops show little efficacy, but it is still the safest mode of administration, which prohibits the dangers to human health via IV path.

How HCG Helps You Lose Weight?

Scientific evidence shows that HCG boosts the overall metabolism in the human body as a result of which the process of fat burning occurs.

In other facts, HCG drops to increase the feeling of satiety, after which a person feels less or no hunger.

Some studies show HCG in men can elevate Testosterone, which also serves as a natural fat burner.

Where Can You Buy HCG Drops for Weight Loss Without Scams?
It depends on what you are willing to use. If you want to take the HCG injection, the best place would be the doctor’s clinic.

HCG injections are not allowed to be sold without prescription because of the potent formula. The drops have however, been available at many online retail stores.

Do Not Trust the Scams!

A question is asked too much on Google, which says, “How can I buy HCG drops without getting scammed.”

The question is mostly asked by those individuals who have been scammed by the unknown retailers whom they trusted for delivering a genuine quality product. But like every other black marketer, it is implausible to expect quality products from them.

Things to Consider Before Purchasing HCG Drops Online

Here are a few things you should keep in your head before buying HCG drops from any online website.

  1. Check the Customers Review: Customer feedback or testimonials are the best way to let you know about the product’s efficacy. Also, if any, side effect is associated with the product, there must be a review about it as well.
  2. Look for the Country: The genuine quality HCG drops are mainly designed and manufactured in the US, Canada, UK, or Australia. Beware of counterfeit products made in the unknown origin.
  3. Money-Back Guarantee: You can never expect this thing from a group of people selling scams. Reputable companies provide you money-back guarantee or return guidelines if the product is claimed as ineffective by the customer.
  4. Check on the legality of Contact information: If you need an essential piece of advice, most companies have a toll-free number that assists you throughout the process, from purchasing to how to use the product.


The purpose of giving you the three best HCG Drops is to eliminate the chances of side effects and substance abuse.

The natural HCG Drops are a far better choice than the actual HCG injections, which on continuous use can offer lethal outcomes to human health.

If you want to buy HCG drops online without getting scammed, please visit the official site of a given product, which also contains scientific evidence about the product and real-time peoples’ reviews.